Setting up the server / by Sebastian Morales

The feeling is a little silly...

Following the instructions: we created our own server that runs forever.

The reading for this week is actually quite comical and very revealing. It starts narrating the future as possibly seen 50 years ago, before the digital era was in sight. It describes how humans in the future will have a small (walnut size) cameras (think spectacles or google glass) with perfect lenses and amazing film capable of recording rich images just by pressing a button with cables running up the wearers sleeves. Then the author describes tiny books with incredible amounts of information, in tiny font. There is also an impossibly complex automata which can help you find the information you are looking for.

The article basically goes about describing our digitally infused modern live through the spectacles of a steampunk dreamer. 

Absurd in every way, except to prove that even today, we keep transforming our digital world to consume it physically through matter. Whether is by converting bits to sound waves that a hear can then transform back to electrical impulses inside the brain. Or electrical impulses that transform into light in our screens to be transformed back into electrical impulses in the back of our eyeballs. The reverse is also true, electrical impulses travel and make our fingers type on a keyboard that translate mechanical energy into more electrical impulses.

Unfortunately it looks like my server is not very secure and it won't accept https requests (only http).