Live from Kennedy Space Center / by Sebastian Morales

It is this time of the history once again!!! 

Live from Kennedy Space Center, the launch of Space Shuttle Decipher is about to take place.

About the mission:

The Space Shuttle is equipped with two independent containers, each filled with close to 3.4 billion pamphlet manifestos. The manifestos are printed in single atom-thick sheets of Graphene capable of withstanding temperatures higher than the surface of our Sun, graphene is also the strongest material known today, ensuring its existence.  

Decipher is schedule to release the first container at +18:00 minutes after liftoff. Once the desired elevation is reach the first sonic detonation will take place sending the pamphlets in container 1 (C1) in a distributed cloud-sphere across the universe. Due to the physical properties of Graphene, the pamphlets are expected to last over 1.5 billion years, reaching as far as Luhman 16, the 3rd closest star to us, about 6.5 light years away.  

The second container (C2) will be stored in the ISS. Unlike C1, these manifestos have not yet been "printed" on the graphene sheets. As mayor developments here on Earth occur, batches of 10 million pamphlets will be printed and launched, keeping a physical printed floating record for the next 4 to 8 years. 

The goal of the mission is to keep records for future species (terrestrial or not) of who we where and what went wrong. This way they could Decipher what happened to humans and hopefully avoid the same fate. 

Skepticals in the mission argue that even if the records are to be found by intelligent forms of beings, they are still bound to repeat history.   

A copy of the manifesto can be found here.

Live from Kennedy Space Center:

Countdown to Launch

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