Just Not Sorry / by Sebastian Morales

This is a quick analysis on the Just Not Sorry Gmail Plugin chrome extension. 

What does the extension do?

It matches words or sentences as you compose emails to a list of predefined insecure words. If the match exists, the words are undefined for the user to become aware of their language use.

questions for our Guest 

One of the developers for the extension will visit today in class, here a couple of questions I have for him:

  • What is the "_metadata" folder, I wouldn't let me load the extension. 
  • Google analytics? Trying to track how many users? What kind of info do you get from this. 
  • Storage? 
  • What is going on in the script loader? Why have it instead of naming them on the manifest?
  • update_url?? In the manifest

Example of JustNotSorry in action.