Digital Consequences api integration / by Sebastian Morales

As our digital existence evolves, we continue to discover (rediscover) the meaning of our virtual self.

People often refer to the "real" life as "real" which implies the existence of another type of life which is not real.

The fact is that this parallel reality is less of a parallel and more of a strong weave, perhaps a different manifestation of ourself, but nonetheless ourselves. 

Digital consequences is a social sculpture. Feeding of people likes and loves, shares and comments.

After developing a chrome extension to detect and send changes on a fb live, I decided to use the api instead. It turns out that the fb live is not as live as fb wants us to believe.

Using the API Graph is quite simple to use. After learning the basics I tried to access it though node.js using express and passport-facebook . That proved to be annoyingly difficult so I decided to look for other alternatives. 

Looking at the Network flow every time I did a request thought the fb graph api, I realized that the url was quite 

Fb url api call found on network headers.

Then I realized that as long as my token is alive (I think this last a little over 1h but could be mistaken) I could simply request that URL and fb would respond with a JSON file.