transcribing identity / by Sebastian Morales

Start by going 16.6 units at a 133.6 degrees, once you reach there you are going to move in an arc motion. The arc should be tangent to the movement you just did. The arc has a radius of 6.1 units; continue walking that arc for 153.3 degrees in the anti-clockwise direction. At this exact position walk tangentially for 10.5 units. You have arrived to the first decision point; you have the option to go in one of three directions. Left, right, or center [decision 1]. Strangely in this map, the paths are parallel and may merge in the future so don't think it too much. You will go left and see what happens. Walk 14.2 units east and 15.9 units north. It is best if you do the previous two steps in a single hypotenuse motion. Walk a tangential arc of a radius of 9.36 units, this arc goes in the anti clockwise direction for 119.3 degrees. At the exit, keep straight with that inertial direction for 16.4 units, be prepared, a long complicated curve awaits.

The curve is a type of curve called a spline. In this case, this spline has a beginning, an end, and three intermediate points. Unlike a polyline, a spline is not the simple connection of lines with points. In a spline, each intermediate point has two control points. These control points have the unique characteristic that when connected, the center is the main point, and the line formed is tangential to the curve at that point. The distance between control points also influences the radius of the curve at that point, the longer the control line, the larger the radius of the curve at that point. With this knowledge, the first point is exactly where we are.

The control line is tangential to our direction and has a length of 16.4 units, from there, the following point is 29 unites west and 11.2 units south. The control line has a slope of 1 and a length of 12.3 units. The following point is 20 units south and 14 units west. This time the control line has a slope of 2.25 and a length of 21.7 units and a slope of -0.93.  The fifth and last point in the spline is 53.9 units east and 10.7 units south from here. It’s control line measures 23.12 units, and has a slope of  0.21. Here we will do a long arch, the arch continues tangentially for 63.5 degrees and has an arch of  78.8 units. From this point you will start another arch in the same general direction, also tangential to where we are. The arch has a radius of 43.7 and you will walk it for 39.1 degrees. 

Things take a slight change now, so far the path has have the regular shape of a spiral, but now the direction will change. Still tangentially, but now in a clockwise direction, you will walk a short angle, only 9.5 degrees but a radius of 442.0 units. 

You have reached one possible end of the image.