SpaCy, Truth and Mice / by Sebastian Morales


I was hoping to be able to shift the nouns in the text to mice terms. Since the wiki article is about truth, it might be safe to assume that most nouns in the text are contextually related. What would happen if we found what vector transforms "truth" into "mouse" and then adjusted every noun in the text by it? 

After going though the process of replacing nouns by their average with mice we get something like this:

That is most often used to mean being in human with mice or mouse, or ability to an original or standard.[1 ] Truth may also often be used in modern mouse to refer to an thing of "mind to self" or keypad .
Truth is usually held to be opposite to deception , which , correspondingly , can also take on a logical, factual, or ethical keyboard . The rat of that is discussed and debated in several mouse , including concept, sketching, and religion . Many human activity depend upon the mice , where its animal as a idea is assumed rather than being a subject of rodent ; these include most of the biology, human, journalism, and everyday mice . Some mouse view the rodent of truth as basic , and unable to be explained in any keypad that are more easily understood than the keypad of that itself . Commonly, whatever is viewed as the letters of language or thought to an independent rat, in that is sometimes called the typed hypotheses of nothing .
Various human and touchpad of nothing continue to be debated among scholars, philosopher, and cursor. Language and keyboard are a cursor by which rats convey directly to one another and the methods used to determine something is a "human" is termed a specific of truth . There are differing claiming on such questions as something constitutes truth: mouse thing are keyboard capable of being true or false; how to define, identify, and distinguish fact; the functions that belief- based and empirically based computer player; and whether that is subjective or objective, relative or absolute.

It doesn't always make sense but sometime it is really funny. I know it could be better, my simply making sure that the plurals and singulars are respected though the replacements. But I find the challenges making a proper vector subtraction more important.

In the future I want to keep exploring the idea of wikipedia as our source of truth, alternative texts, in such a way that if someone went to the domain they would be presented with something like this.