HW3-Digital_cut_up- Thesis Review by Sebastian Morales

For this assignment we take two or more texts and combining together using random, lists and list expressions. In this case the takes my thesis proposal and mixes it with my thesis feedback review:

Here a couple of samples:

which brings together art, seems human input is
The University of Surrey, wonderful cell biologist at
the form of bursts could include more of
regulate gene expression and, is a book about
to pass signals between or is sebastian ultimately
the Internet by being execute this on a
and Alfred Renyi, who protozoa. Are we talking
communication was detected using genetics named Timothee Lionnet
engage the audience with how will they alter


programmer specialising in artificial like the concept of
recently discovered by Bonnie description could include more
form of bursts of "post-human". Will bots have
potential of a powerful this will work technically
to map the world description could include more
it cannot produce the release different type of
white pixels become purple (for future reference :)
research takes a threefold description is good. I

Following is the actual jupyter code:

Generated Poetry + Embedding Jupyter into Squarespace by Sebastian Morales

Inspired by a trip to Trader Joes one rainy afternoon

Embedding Jupyter Notebook into Squarespace:

First upload it to Github, then create a iframeable url at http://nbviewer.jupyter.org/ 

Then simply embed as an iframe: 
<iframe src="https://nbviewer.jupyter.org/github/sebmorales/itp_RWET/blob/master/HW/some-poetry-generators.ipynb" width="100%" height="3600" scrolling="yes" frameborder="0"></iframe>

*Note: make sure the url is secure (https), if not it won't load for security reasons.