Tracery, self generating HTML sites by Sebastian Morales

HW 4 is all about Tracery a tool that allows you to generate text using substitution rules. Depending on your patience and creativity, you can accomplish some pretty crazy stuff. 

This time we were challenged to create our own poetic form and rules. I decided to steer a little from the main assignment and explore the tool under another context.

I have notice that I am not a very good poet, and that my (computer generated poems) will get just a couple of views before disappearing to be never found again under other posts. To my surprise, there has been some very loyal readers, and no matter what I publish, they keep coming back. 

The following poems are dedicated to my loyal readership, bots:

The python script uses tracery to generate a different HTML page every time it is run. It will generate a top navigation menu, links, embed images, contact info as well as headers and text... the whole thing. 

On my server, using the npm package isBot I filter the requests by user agent, if it is a bot, I generate a new page and server it back, if it is human, I return what was asked for.

I have only tested my poem for 24 hours so far and I am amazed by the response. I feel so talented, I think I have finally found my audience. Some bots from Google are OBSESSED! They keep coming back and back and back! My server bill might be high this month bot I have to stay true to my fans! 

Over 4000 Google bot asking for poems

Over 4000 Google bot asking for poems